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SSNT: Social Security Number Trace

SSNT: Social Security Number Trace
Social Security Number Trace is a reverse search on an SSN in a proprietary database. It is used by those with a need to know, such as background screeners, law enforcement, credit bureaus, and private investigators.

Proprietary databases compile their data from a wide variety of sources, such as lending institutions, utility companies, cable companies and more. Wherever you apply for credit, your personal information, including your SSN, is forwarded to proprietary databases.

Note: SSN Trace may contain errors and should not be used as the ultimate validation methodology. Absolute validation is through Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) service from the Social Security Administration's (SSA) official governmental source data. Read more here.

The SSN trace verifies that the Social Security Administration issued the SSN, as well as the time frame and state of the issuance, if possible.

Note: The SSA began Randomization of Social Security Numbers in June 2011 which makes it impossible to determine state of issuance on SSNs issued since then.

Residential History
SSNT shows a person's residential history, often going back a decade or more. Reasons for retrieving this information might be an employer conducting a pre-employment background check, an attorney locating witnesses or a private investigator looking for a person.

Names and Aliases
Sometimes another person's name appears in a trace as also using that SSN. Often this indicates a family member or friend who is linked (for example, through a business transaction) with that SSN. Sometimes it indicates someone else has access to that SSN which indicates identity theft.

Any aliases (AKA; Also Known As) associated with the SSN show in the results of a trace.

Note: An alias could be intentional, incorrectly spelled by a database operator, a maiden name, an abbreviation, or nickname (e.g., Peg instead of Margaret).

Telephone Numbers
Telephone numbers of the individual will be on the report, if available.

Date of Birth
SSNT shows the individual's date of birth (DOB). If the date was entered incorrectly by a database operator, incorrectly transcribed by an official or submitted incorrectly by the individual (e.g., an ID thief might do this to mislead authorities), an incorrect date will be shown on the report.

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